The need for slow and sustainable fashion

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Back in time shopping for clothes used to be an occasional event that used to happen a few times a year-  during festivals, on birthdays, or on special events. But now shopping has become regular- clothes have become cheaper, sustainable fashion seasons have increased and trend cycles sped up. Fast fashion came into global dominance and started impacting our environment.

Fast fashion’s impact on the planet is threatening. With the increasing use of cheap and toxic dyes, the fashion industry has become the second-largest polluter globally after the agriculture industry. Cheap fabrics used in fast fashion increase the impact — polyester being one of the most used fabrics derived from fossil fuels, contributes to global warming, and sheds microplastic that adds to the increasing levels of plastic in our oceans every time they are washed. 

This constant demand and speedy production lead to environmental damage such as land clearing, soil quality, and putting our biodiversity at risk.

– With the environmental cost, there is a human cost also involved. Garment workers work in dangerous environments with low wages and without fundamental rights.
Fast fashion impacts farmers who work with toxic chemicals which can have a devastating effect on their health. 

– Animals are also impacted by fast fashion- toxic dyes and millions of microfibres that get released in the waterways are ingested by marine life and land animals. It leaves a devastating effect on them thus affecting the food chain. 

-Finally, fast fashion can impact consumers themselves. Because of the mass and speedy production, more and more clothes are being bought and also disposed of simultaneously, creating massive textile waste which eventually ends up in landfills each year. Fast fashion encourages a throw-away culture by making us believe we need to shop more and more to stay on top of trends, creating a constant sense of need and ultimate dissatisfaction.

“The sustainable fashion movement is driven by conscious choices being made when clothes shopping, with questioning and boycotting fast fashion, and by choosing the purchase you know you can feel good about.”

An easy way to begin your journey as a conscious consumer is to buy from brands that do right by people, our planet, and animals. The great news is you can do this without sacrificing your sense of style! Shop Palison and make a conscious choice today.